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Destination Airport

Airports are not considered part of the vacation. To many they have one function and that is to be the place where you board the flight to your intended destination. Yet we argue that airports should be considered an important part of your vacation whether it is the beginning, a layover, or the end of your trip. With a bit of research the airport part of your trip can be an interesting, productive and dare we say it a fun part of your vacation.

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The monsoon rains continued to fall hard flooding gutters, soaking shoes and sending pedestrians hurrying indoors for shelter. The waters had now risen to nearly 15 cm and covered the wheels of the waiting Tuk-Tuk’s which were now effectively stranded. The deluge had cleared the streets and even the ever busy queue for the Taj Mahal had now reduced to only a handful of hardy, determined tourists huddled beneath umbrellas and cloaked in ponchos.

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Budget airlines pushing cheap flights have made it easier than ever for travellers to jet set & country hop. This is of course a wonderul thing. I myself reap the benefits of this trend and have seen far more of the world than I would otherwise have been able to.

However, there is something special, adventurous and plain romantic about a proper overland trip where you can watch the landscapes change and pass through the tiny towns that are hardly even on the maps. Oh and let’s face it, airports truly suck, they have all the personality of elevators but at a ridiculous price.

In tribute to this concept here are our Top Seven Great Overland Trips.

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Til death us do part? Not quite yet…

So your best friend has met the love of his life, is ready to renounce his wild bachelor lifestyle and become an honest man yeah?

But there is still time for one last hurrah, for one big, final party that will send him off into marital bliss satisfied that he had his share of fun and will provide him with treasured, golden memories for those years of married life ahead.

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These days backpacking is more popular than ever and has become pretty much a rite of passage that every millennial has to do at some point before they reach 30.

Many countries now have a pretty robust backpacking infrastructure in place with hostels, hangouts, and well-established trails. Thailand and Australia, of course, remain firm favourites and remain the obvious starting point for countless scores of backpackers.

But what about the rest of the world? The countries, routes and places that are not so well established? Well, there is far more to this big wide world and adventure can be found at every turn.

Here are 7 countries you never considered backpacking in.

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Packing for a backpacking trip is a fine art and a delicate balance. The trick is to pack as lightly as possible whilst ensuring that you have everything you need to bring. Things like socks and toiletries can be picked up easily from pretty much anywhere in the world so you can go lightly on these but some items you really do need to make sure you have with you at all times.

Here is our list of the Top Ten Items which no adventurer should be without.

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Summer’s here and school’s almost out. Both you and the kids have worked hard all year and now it’s time to pack your suitcase, put on your sunhat and head for that well earned vacation!

Finding a holiday destination that is suitable for all the family can prove a real challenge especially if it’s your first time going away with the kids. High season can also send prices soaring but there are still some real deals out there for those with some persistence, patience and of course flexibility.

To help you out we have compiled our little list of Best Summer Destinations for Families so you can take it easy and concentrate on relaxing.

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Once upon a time we travellers stayed in touch with the folks back home by mailing post-cards from around the world and sending the occasional letter. These days, social media channels and email allows our friends and families to follow our every move but still, sometimes our loved ones just need to hear our voices.

Long distance calling though remains bloody expensive and you can easily eat through $10 of local call credit in only a handful of minutes. Help is at hand though thanks to these top apps and services for long distance calling.

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