6 Great Stag Do Destinations

Posted on Jul 16, 2016 in Travel Tips and Holiday Hacks

Til death us do part? Not quite yet…

So your best friend has met the love of his life, is ready to renounce his wild bachelor lifestyle and become an honest man yeah?

But there is still time for one last hurrah, for one big, final party that will send him off into marital bliss satisfied that he had his share of fun and will provide him with treasured, golden memories for those years of married life ahead.

Gone are the days when a stag do simply meant a boozy traipse around the local pubs replaced by epic weekenders and city breaks. Harmonisation within the Euro-zone and cheap flights to the former Soviet bloc mean that it is now easier than ever to get away for a final fix of continental lager, culture and adventure activities.

Here is our list of 6 Great Stag Do Destinations!

1. Amsterdam

The original and best. Amsterdam is easily reached from anywhere within the UK with return flights easily sourced for £50. Overnight, party ferries cost even less if you have the sea legs and the energy.

Amsterdam has cracking and quite affordable lager, an abundance of great museums and remains one of the few places in Europe where you can legally smoke marijuana. Amsterdam also has other, erm, notorious attractions so the only problem is whether your buddies spouse to be will actually let him go to his own stag do!



2. Munich

Surrounded by beautiful Bavarian mountain,s Munich, often cited as Germany’s second city is a cocktail of baroque architecture and lush green spaces.

The locals are friendly, helpful and speak a very high standard of English and the beer is first rate and very affordable. The German Bundesliga is also the cheapest of the world’s leading football divisions and a match can be seen for €20. If you can make your visit coincide with Oktoberfest well that’s a different story altogether, just be sure to book in advance.

Bayern Munich. World class Football for $20.

Bayern Munich. World class Football for $20.

3. Barcelona

Quirky art, drunken architecture and a year round perfect climate make Barcelona an unmissable destination. Barcelona is fast emerging as a European powerhouse that has pretty much weathered Spain’s recession and the locals seem to know this with a growing independence movement.

Whilst tickets for Barcelona matches can get quite expensive you can still do the Camp Nou tour and take in the club’s vast silverware collection. Catalonian’s also sure love to party so expect the chilled cerveza to keep flowing until dawn.

Six Great Stag Do Destinations.

Six Great Stag Do Destinations.

4. Edinburgh

h2Our European neighbours are not the only ones who know how to have a good time you know! Edinburgh is a truly stunning little city with 1000 years of tumultuous and often bloody history. There are haunted cemeteries and castles to visit and plenty of cheap hostels within swigging distance of Waverley Station.

h2There are also plenty of whiskey tours available where you can sample the local blends which should set you up nicely for a lively evening ahead! Oh and if you’re so inclined you and your mates can also recreate the opening scene from Trainspotting by sprinting up the Royal Mile.

Whisky a

Whisky a go-go.

5. Budapest

h2Since emerging from beneath the spectre of Socialism Budapest has made a serious play to recapture its former glory and prominence. Budapest was once the impressive capital of a mighty empire and relics of this can be found all around in the architectural gems and fascinating museums.

h2Of most interest for our present purposes though, are the famous ruin pubs which sprawl and weave their way through derelict buildings in the cities centre all selling Hungarian beers for around €1.

Budapest was formerly two cities, Bude and Pest.

Budapest was formerly two cities, Bude and Pest.

6. Brasov

h2Set in the heart of Transylvania, beautiful little Brasov is one of our favourite cities in Europe. Whilst it may not be as easy to reach as some of the destinations on our list, it offers a wealth of rewards for the adventurous heart.

h2Brasov is surrounded by the lush green, Carpathian mountains which are ideal for day hikes and photo-op’s and the city is made up of sweet little alleyways and orthodox churches. Of course, the beer is also cheap.

h2The city high street also resembles a cat-walk so we accept no responsibility if the Stag leaves town having second thoughts about the whole marriage thing.

The Hollywood of the Eastern Bloc.

The Hollywood of the Eastern Bloc.

h2Anyway, that’s it for our list. We’ve done all the research and thinking for you so now it’s down to you as best man to simply make the arrangements and ensure you best friend has the best send off possible!

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