Best Summer Destinations For Families

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 in Travel Tips and Holiday Hacks

Summer’s here and school’s almost out. Both you and the kids have worked hard all year and now it’s time to pack your suitcase, put on your sunhat and head for that well earned vacation!

Finding a holiday destination that is suitable for all the family can prove a real challenge especially if it’s your first time going away with the kids. High season can also send prices soaring but there are still some real deals out there for those with some persistence, patience and of course flexibility.

To help you out we have compiled our little list of Best Summer Destinations for Families so you can take it easy and concentrate on relaxing.

So here we go!

Alicante, Spain

Alicante remains popular with families.
Alicante remains popular with families.

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca has remained a firm favourite family getaway for years now. It’s easy to see why as there is something for everybody here from Benidorm’s fish & chips and video game alleys to rural, rustic Gypsy Caravan’s. Because of the continued popularity of the area many of the locals speak perfect English and you can get all the amenities you need without too much hassle.

Spain is currently still in the clutches of a recession which means that most foreign currencies get more bang for buck and there are budget flights to Alicante airport from all major UK airports all summer long. For ease and affordability this is ideal for the first break away with the kids.

Central Brittany, France

Brittany remains something of a classic destination for those who may not want too much sun, sand and pasty white bodies around them.  Brittany is an adventurer’s dream with camping, orienteering and fishing lake so you can introduce your brood to some basic travel and survival skills which will see them right for a lifetime of globetrotting!

Brittany is also accessible by car thanks to the channel tunnel (at least for now!) and only an 8 hours drive from much of the UK. There is also great wine to found in Brittany’s vineyards so you can treat yourself to a tipple after the kids have gone to bed!

Share a tipple in Brittany!
Share a tipple in Brittany!

Crete, Greece

Crete has something for everybody. An azure blue ocean, peaceful beaches, culture, great food and nightlife for those who seek it. The Akrotiri peninsula is becoming particularly popular at the moment and with good reason boasting some of the quietest beaches on the island and a wealth of ancient and medieval monuments.

Crete can be on the pricey side but as with Spain, a tough recession has driven some prices down as the area tries to maximise tourism opportunities.

Disneyland Paris, France

Ok so you probably already thought of this one didn’t you? Well it’s an obvious choice with good reason been that kids love Disneyland!

There are adrenaline churning roller coasters, Disney characters at every turn and a buzzing nightlife just for adults!

The best bit is that you can also combine this with a trip into Paris to introduce the children to some culture. This really is the kind of holiday that precious memories are made off.

Disneyland, Paris.
Disneyland, Paris.

Centreparks, UK

Kids too young to fly? Can’t get enough time off from work? Well fear not because Centreparks has successfully been hosting, entertaining and wowing entire families for successive generations.

There are sites all over the UK meaning you can reach a location pretty easily and each site offers fun activities such as climbing, spa retreats for the adults and first class cuisine. A trip to a centre parks forest is also the perfect opportunity to teach the kids to love and respect nature.

We can promise you that if you take your kids for a vacation here then one day they will be returning with your grandchildren!

Spot deer at Centreparks' forests'.
Spot deer at Centreparks’ forests’.

Anyway, I think I just heard the school bell for the end of term! See you in the autumn!

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