The Freedom Of Travelling Like A Bike Bandit

Posted on Dec 25, 2016 in Kick Ass Adventures, Tips and Inspirations

Travelling by motorcycle is a feeling unlike any other—the wind in your hair, the rumble of the bike between your legs, sights whizzing by.

While there are plenty of reasons to travel, there are some very specific benefits of travelling like a bike bandit.

The Sense of Adventure is Indescribable

There are so many reasons to explore via motorcycle, but one of the greatest is the sense of adventure you feel. As the world flies by around you, it’s hard to contain the adrenaline coursing through your blood. And what is travelling about if not adventure?

It’s Incredibly Convenient

When travelling by car, there’s a lot to consider—especially if you’re planning on heading overseas.

Foreign lands are always easier to navigate atop a set of wheels. While car rentals are available nearly anywhere you dare to venture, they can get expensive. They’re also very difficult to transport, if you plan to take your own.

Motorcycles, on the other hand, offer a great alternative. They’re cheaper to rent, but they’re also easier to bring with. Take them wherever you go to enhance your adventure. All you need is a helmet and you’re ready to go.

You Have the Freedom to Go Anywhere

Exploring by car gives you some freedom, but nothing like you’ll feel atop a motorcycle.

Their slim bodies and small frames ensure that slipping into smaller spaces is easier than ever. Aside from being able to take it nearly everywhere, travelling by motorcycle allows visitors to get deeper into their surroundings. There’s nothing better than really exploring your travel destinations and finding treasures that the everyday traveller never gets to see.

The Experience is a Thrill

Travelling is all about the experiences, but sometimes the way you get there is an experience as well. Planes, trains and bicycles make for exciting travels, but there is another way to see the world that provides an equal thrill.

Riding a motorcycle on the open road is an experience in and of itself. Between the wind in your hair, the roar of the engine and the chance to take in local smells, you get a thrilling sensory experience.

You’re Unobstructed

In a car, you’re experiencing the world from inside a box. You watch through the windows as the sights and sounds slide by around you, but you’re not truly a part of it. You’re just passing through.

Instead, immerse yourself in the surroundings. Whether you’re arriving at your final destination or zipping between cities, the time you spend on a motorcycle is unobstructed by car windows and comfy cushions.

You’ll find you pay much more attention to the beauty you’re passing by and see more of the in-between than you would otherwise. It’s like walking, but much, much faster.

It’s a Great Way to Meet New Friends

Travelling by motorcycle is a wonderful way to meet new people. And guess what? Your new friends are bound to have the same interests as you! The biking community is a welcoming one, ensuring that you’ll have plenty to talk about.

Experiences had with these friends, or even with those you already knew before the trip, can produce stories that last a lifetime. While your adventure may come to an end, it will live on through the stories you tell and the memories you’ve made for years to come.